Solo Exhibitions

1960Toledo Museum of Art, Toledo, Ohio
1962Toledo Public Library
1990Pacific Art Center, Arcata, California
2001dA Center for the Arts, Pomona, California
announcement postcard for the dA Center exhibit
2007Morris Graves Museum of Art, Eureka, California, Retrospective Exhibit • statementmuseumreviewphotosynth
announcement postcard for A Bridge to Japan exhibit Hoodstand at the Morris Graves Museum Morris Graves Museum, photo 2 Morris Graves Museum, photo 3 Morris Graves Museum, photo 4 Morris Graves Museum, photo 5 Morris Graves Museum, photo 6 Morris Graves Museum, photo 7 Morris Graves Museum, photo 8 Morris Graves Museum, photo 9 Morris Graves Museum, photo 10 smaller works at the Morris Graves Museum display case at the Morris Graves Museum display case at the Morris Graves Museum display case at the Morris Graves Museum
2013Sewell Gallery, Eureka, California • review
announcement postcard for the Sewell Gallery exhibit
2018Bunny Gunner Gallery, Claremont, California

Selected Group Exhibitions

1965Vorpal Gallery, San Francisco, California
1966Baikatei Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
1969Tsubaki Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
1970Japan Printmakers’ Annual, Tokyo, Japan
1980Galleria Beretich, Claremont, California
1988Midwest Figurative, Michigan Gallery, Detroit, Michigan
2000Older California Artists, Cal Poly Pomona Downtown Center, Pomona, California
2005Elder Arts Celebration, de Young Museum, San Francisco, California • museum interview
2005Visual Assault Team Show, Accident Gallery, Eureka, California
2007Elder Arts Celebrations, Sanchez Art Center, Pacifica, California • event
2009Black & White Invitational, Empire Squared, Eureka, California
2010Fellow Travelers, Upstairs Art Gallery (Meridian Fine Art), Arcata, California • galleryvideo 1video 2video 3
Fellow Travelers panorama Fellow Travelers, photo 1 Fellow Travelers, photo 2 Fellow Travelers, photo 3 Fellow Travelers, photo 4 Fellow Travelers, photo 5 Fellow Travelers, photo 6 Fellow Travelers, photo 7 Fellow Travelers, photo 8 Fellow Travelers, photo 9
2017Black Faun Gallery, Eureka, California • gallery

Awards and Publications

1960Toledo Area Exhibition at Toledo Museum of Art, Roulet Medal, First in Show
1960Painting reproduced in book, Prize-Winning Paintings
1965–67Japanese Ministry of Education scholarship for study at National University of Fine Arts, Tokyo, Japan
1970Saint Mary’s College Film Festival, Oakland, California, Second award
1970Sonoma State College Film Festival, Rohnert Park, California, First award
1988Redwood Art Association Annual Spring Show, Eureka, California, PLC award
1989Redwood Art Association Annual Spring Show, Eureka, EAF award
1989Painting on cover of North Coast View magazine
1990Redwood Art Association Annual Fall Show, Best in Show award
1999Northern California Arts Open International Exhibition, Sacramento Fine Arts Center, Award of Excellence
2001Humboldt Arts Council Members Exhibition at Morris Graves Museum of Art, Eureka, Best of Show for Manga Fan: Sonya-Mandala; painting reproduced on cover of Humboldt Arts Council bulletin The Palette, 2003 edition
2002To Japan and Back – The Art of Orr Marshall a collaboration between Orr Marshall and Linda Callaway
2005book cover art for X & Y and Other Like Stories by Heidi Cyr • publisher
X & Y and Other Like Stories book cover