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Ushabty of MenmetThe 3-D gallery is now open for visitors, featuring Smile and Ushabty of Menmet. This is a smaller gallery but be sure to see the detail views also.

Dreaming Head 3There’s now a fifth page for the studies & works in progress gallery. Most of these sketches and studies have never been shown publicly so it’s another interesting look into the ideas and how they take shape and change over time.

In the Works in Progress section there are a few pictures of studies for the painting Shunga Remix.

X & Y has been added to the dot series gallery with a couple detail images. A photograph of this painting in progress was used for a collection of short stories which you can see in the exhibits section.

Ecstatic Emissions study 4The studies & works in progress gallery is finally open. Through the studies you can see some of the creation process and ideas behind the artwork. There are over 300 studies, sketches, and reference studies so it’s taken a while to assemble this many photographs and there are still more coming. Each image in the studies gallery is also linked directly to and from each finished work so it should be easy to jump into the studies section from the rest of the web site.

The navigation is set up differently than the other galleries since there are so many thumbnails it didn’t make sense to show all of them at once. Please try it out and and let us know what you think.

A Christmas Carol in Drama posterThe graphic design gallery features a lot of theater posters and restaurant logos and illustrations Orr has done over the years. If you live in the Eureka-Arcata area you’ve probably seen some of these around before.

Also, you can see what’s upcoming on the expanded galleries page.

KinpaPlease take a look at the new pictures scattered throughout the galleries.

This brings all the current galleries up to date so I’ll be working on some additional galleries now.

Graffiti GirlI finally finished the detail images and tooltip notes for Graffiti Girl. There are about 80 of them and a few have links to other related notes that you can try out.

That should wrap up all of the notes for now so I’ll be working on other things.

Customs of the Boss Lady, ContinuedTry out the new tooltip footnotes in the Japan from afar gallery. You can see them on Customs of the Boss Lady, Continued and Manga Fan: Sonya-Mandala.

Also, we have much clearer photographs of Assorted Elegant Beauties of the Present Age with more detail enlargements too.

Self-PortraitHere are some more new images to see:

If you know Orr (my dad) you would know that he’s very interested in languages and speaks Japanese, French, German, Mandarin, Cantonese, Russian, and has studied others. Internet translation tools have gotten pretty good so I thought I would try one out. I installed a WordPress plugin called Google AJAX Translation and then spent a few days modifying it and fixing it up. Try it out and see what you think! (Hint: Try changing your browser’s preferred language too. See this page for instructions.)

Fair ExchangeI added a few more images to the dream symbol myth and from life galleries and there are a lot more coming. This small painting was in the 2006 4th Annual Small Works Benefit Drawing at the Morris Graves Museum.

The AudienceHi, this is Nick.

It’s taken a while but there are three more galleries open now— black & white, verbalism, and Japan from afar. There will be more pictures coming soon to the from life gallery and others.

I figured out a nice way to show footnotes as tooltips as you mouse over the images. You can see the first ones on Assorted Elegant Beauties of the Present Age. If you’ve ever seen the other paintings in the Japan from afar gallery you probably saw accompanying diagrams with many footnotes explaining cultural references and all the Japanese text so I’ll be working on adding those soon. The tooltips are based on some examples from (As always, use Firefox 3+ or Safari 3+ for best results.)

From March 26th Orr is traveling to Japan to visit family for about three weeks and to China for 10 days so he may not be able to reply to email until the end of April.

This is where we’ll post the latest information about this web site, exhibits, and works in progress. There’s a handy RSS feed if you like those and you can post comments if you like.