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Also after a few months delay, here are some pictures from Orr’s trip to Japan and China in the spring.

My trip was from March 27 to April 28 this year. The China set is larger because I had more time to take pictures there. When I went to China I was curious to see how it would compare to Japan, and [the first pictures of each set] epitomize my impression of the difference (although spending only a few days each in the two largest cities, Beijing and Shanghai, may not be enough to make a judgment). In Japan everything seems closely packed together and well organized, while in China things are spread farther apart and somewhat chaotic, although the government intends to keep tight control. For example, in Japan even the biggest buildings are often just a few inches apart, but in China there is much more space between the buildings, the streets are wide and there are sidewalks, at least in those two cities. In Japan people tend to obey laws for traffic and pedestrians, but in China… well, I could hardly tell if there are any such laws.



The AudienceHi, this is Nick.

It’s taken a while but there are three more galleries open now— black & white, verbalism, and Japan from afar. There will be more pictures coming soon to the from life gallery and others.

I figured out a nice way to show footnotes as tooltips as you mouse over the images. You can see the first ones on Assorted Elegant Beauties of the Present Age. If you’ve ever seen the other paintings in the Japan from afar gallery you probably saw accompanying diagrams with many footnotes explaining cultural references and all the Japanese text so I’ll be working on adding those soon. The tooltips are based on some examples from (As always, use Firefox 3+ or Safari 3+ for best results.)

From March 26th Orr is traveling to Japan to visit family for about three weeks and to China for 10 days so he may not be able to reply to email until the end of April.

San Diego Convention CenterOrr and Nick just drove down to San Diego for Comic-Con. If you’ve never been there it’s really big, really crowded, and pretty overwhelming. Even if you run around for all four and a half days it’s not possible to see everything you want to see.

Orr is staying in the Los Angeles area for another week to visit museums and galleries.