Fair ExchangeI added a few more images to the dream symbol myth and from life galleries and there are a lot more coming. This small painting was in the 2006 4th Annual Small Works Benefit Drawing at the Morris Graves Museum.

The AudienceHi, this is Nick.

It’s taken a while but there are three more galleries open now— black & white, verbalism, and Japan from afar. There will be more pictures coming soon to the from life gallery and others.

I figured out a nice way to show footnotes as tooltips as you mouse over the images. You can see the first ones on Assorted Elegant Beauties of the Present Age. If you’ve ever seen the other paintings in the Japan from afar gallery you probably saw accompanying diagrams with many footnotes explaining cultural references and all the Japanese text so I’ll be working on adding those soon. The tooltips are based on some examples from CSSplay.com. (As always, use Firefox 3+ or Safari 3+ for best results.)

From March 26th Orr is traveling to Japan to visit family for about three weeks and to China for 10 days so he may not be able to reply to email until the end of April.

A Bridge to Japan at the Morris Graves MuseumHave you tried Photosynth? If you haven’t you might want to take a look. It’s a web application that stitches together digital photos in 3-D and then allows you to navigate them in 3-D. It’s the coolest technology I’ve seen from Microsoft in a long time. Unfortunately, it only works with Windows so far.

I just uploaded a synth of Orr’s exhibit, A Bridge to Japan, at the Morris Graves Museum just to try it out. There aren’t quite enough photos for them to all mesh completely but you can still see all of them if you change to grid view.

Take a look and let us know what you think!

San Diego Convention CenterOrr and Nick just drove down to San Diego for Comic-Con. If you’ve never been there it’s really big, really crowded, and pretty overwhelming. Even if you run around for all four and a half days it’s not possible to see everything you want to see.

Orr is staying in the Los Angeles area for another week to visit museums and galleries.

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