Ecstatic Emissions…, 1980
India ink on paper, 23″ × 13″
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Ecstatic emissions extraterrestrially ejected upon the awesome albeit auspicious occasion of provisional perpendicular interment of the corporeal frame to infracervicular levels in a perilous parquetry of scintillating sudorific sand for reasons of unintentional topological transgressions of unspecified nature and in spite of remarkable indeed praiseworthy earlier efforts at limited libidinal levitation, fortunately however thereby foiling omphaloskeptic tendencies while furthermore frustrating furtive flocculation of the bedcovers and eventually through concerted abnegation and self-effacement leading to meritorious mortification of the armpits, figurative disfigurement of the external physiognomy and literal liberation of the footsoles from all earthly attachments, then finally after suitably subtile satisfaction of innumerous other expiatory prerequisites culminating in glad and glorious exhumation, accompanied characteristically by triumphant transcendental palpitation of the perimetrical aura, total titillative transfixion of the subcutaneous strata and at last irrevocable transmigration of the the toenails to the everlastingly inenubilable netherrrregions of the •  •   •    •
B        O        O        M

Shiny shadowy shapely shards of shallowly slurred salacious slippers sliding over the shimmering shoals and slowly slipping into the sleeping sands where certain sounds are sometimes seen to slightly shift their silhouettes and splinter suddenly into syllables of sunlight

Gleaming glimpses grayly grasped of gratifying golden gowns agreeably agglutinating glaucous glottal granularities in gracious glacial grottoes glimmering glowing glittering going gliding glinting glancingly from quoin to quoin to quoin

Bluely burbling bellicose bits of barely audible edible pedestals bedded among the billowing bones of bees imbued with bitterly baked and burnished belltones bursting forth from beneficial biscuit boxes